UNRIVALED STANDARDS: A glimpse into Carey’s 99.9 percent safety record

Most of us would never get in the car with a stranger. No matter how clean-cut someone appears, we have all watched enough evening news to know we cannot take our safety for granted. And yet, every day, thousands of travelers hop in the backseat of a completely unknown vehicle with a person they just met. “Surely the car service has done their due diligence. I am safe,” they assume, reluctantly testing their luck.

At Carey, we leave nothing to chance. Quantifiable, written standards lay the foundation for every interaction, from vehicle presentation to chauffeur etiquette and – most of all – traveler safety.

It may feel like an abstract concept. In fact, most people cannot fully appreciate the very real importance of safety requirements until their safety is compromised. Carey’s 99.9 percent safety record stems from two unique attributes:

  1. We employ the highest possible standards.
  2. We are the only chauffeured transportation provider with a worldwide network to enforce and synchronize these standards across every trip.

Whether the destination is a crowded airport or a corporate meeting, Carey certainly raises the bar for safe car service. What does that look like for you?

Safe chauffeurs

The average Carey chauffeur has been with the company for nearly a decade, with many reaching 30+ years. Before any chauffeur gets behind the wheel of a Carey vehicle, he or she must pass a stringent background check that includes:

  • Seven-year Social Security locator
  • Motor vehicle records search
  • Federal, state and local criminal records search
  • National terrorist alert and sex offender search
  • Confirmation of authorization to work in the United States

Carey’s fully licensed and certified chauffeurs must also pass:

  • Prior to hiring – 5-panel drug and alcohol screening mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Once employed – Random drug and alcohol testing, including at least one drug and one alcohol test each year

Our chauffeur training program is one of the most exhaustive in the corporate travel industry. With an average of 60 hours combined classroom and on-the-road education – as well as a complete retraining every 18 months – we prepare chauffeurs to face any obstacle with ease.

Training includes National Safety Council-certified defensive driving programs (or the international equivalent), accident avoidance, distracted driving prevention, vehicle maintenance, and more. We also set a firm limit to the number of hours a chauffeur can drive in a 24-hour period.

Travelers have the opportunity to share their experience with their chauffeur through our Customer Service Monitor, a post-trip survey measuring customer satisfaction. We hold all Carey trips to a 99.5 percent service quality standard, and these survey results are one of several points of feedback we use to improve.

Safe vehicles

All our vehicles meet rigorous requirements of maintenance, presentation and performance. Sedans and SUVs must be in immaculate condition and no more than 3 model years of age (or 5 model years, for larger vehicles).

At least once every six weeks, we conduct maintenance and safety inspections on our entire fleet. These checks include an in-depth review of mechanical service records, an interview with the chauffeur, an overall evaluation of the vehicle’s condition and a plan for future maintenance or service work. We also perform frequent, unannounced spot inspections.

To help chauffeurs stay connected to our Dispatch team without distraction, Carey equips all vehicles with one-touch communication devices.

Extensive insurance

We stand behind our superior safety record with a $20 million liability insurance policy, applied to every trip in our global network. It is one of the largest, most comprehensive policies offered by any chauffeured services company in the world.

At Carey, we value the trust you place in our chauffeurs and fleet of luxury vehicles. So the next time you step into one of our cars, just relax and enjoy the ride. You can rest easy, knowing we made every arrangement ahead of time to ensure your safety and peace of mind – no matter where you travel.

To make a reservation in one of 1,000+ major cities around the world, call Carey at (800) 336-4646, book online, or download the Carey mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

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