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Meetings & Event Services

Meetings & Event Services

Carey’s Meetings & Event Services Division is solely dedicated to managing the complex logistics uniquely associated with group transportation and large-scale travel programs.

With access to more than 15,000 executive and luxury vehicles in more than 1,000 cities worldwide, Carey’s knowledgeable team of experienced Meetings & Event professionals orchestrate the planning process and coordinate exacting on-site service delivery for over 4,000 meetings and events each year with unsurpassed logistics expertise.

Key Features

Management + Support

With one of the largest and most experienced teams of dedicated resources in the industry, Carey manages your entire transportation program from start to finish. Our Carey M&E team is staffed with full-time professionals to ensure your program receives the uninterrupted attention and support it deserves every step of the way. Our committed support means quick response times, exacting attention to detail and impeccable performance.


One Point of Contact- Every program is assigned a Dedicated Event Coordinator (DEC) to act as your single point of contact. The DEC works with you to create a transportation schedule, secure and confirm vehicles and staff, and generate a route plan; as well as be your main point of contact on the day(s) of the event.

On-Site Coordination & Direction- Carey provides on-site staff members when an event requires an on-location presence to help orchestrate passengers and vehicles. Our assigned On-Site Coordinators serve a multitude of functions, including oversight of mobilization efforts, to meet the needs of your specific transportation program.

Standardized Event Services Process (ESP)- Consistency in strategy and implementation is vital to the success of any transportation program. Carey’s standardized operating practices assure the proposal, planning and execution of every meeting or event is held to the same level of meticulous preparation and review.

Real-Time Communication- Communication is critical to ensuring your transportation program runs seamlessly. Carey M&E communicates with consistency, at all levels – and in real-time – including a pre-event call 24-hours prior to the start of an event to steady communication throughout the event to its conclusion.

Unmatched Global Reach & Local Expertise- Carey International provides chauffeured services in more than 1,000 cities worldwide, across an exclusive, award-winning network of Carey® locations and our Carey Alliance Network® of fully-vetted partners. Each city features a local operations team as well its own world-class fleet of vehicles and corps of professional chauffeurs.

Our unsurpassed global footprint means that we can provide same premium standards-based transportation management, no matter where you need it – with a team you know and trust.

Uncompromising Duty of Care –Carey defines “Duty of Care” as our intrinsic responsibility to our customers, partners, employees, chauffeurs and community, to consistently deliver safety, reliability and the highest level of service, within a transparent framework of clearly published and measurable standards. These standards apply to every aspect of our operation to assure the safe passage of all of our passengers as well as your peace of mind.

Carey maintains a 99.9% safety record. Each trip within an individual transportation program carries some of the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the industry. All of our standards for vehicle and chauffeur safety well exceed local city and state minimums.

Our Services

Board Meetings–Transporting C-level executives safely and efficiently is at the core of what Carey handles best, and we’ve extended that expertise into the precise logistics and management for top level executives. We understand how important their time is, and take special measures to ensure seamless transportation service from start to finish.


Trade Shows & Professional Conferences- Transport all of your attendees in style. Carey M&E offers specialized pricing and pre-event site inspections to help organizations plan their corporate events. When we transport the entire sales team for an F500 company, we take every measure to ensure that all equipment and service providers meet Carey’s uncompromising standards for safety and presentation.


Carey M&E also works with event management to ensure transportation programs are efficient and timely. We even gather data on traffic patterns during similar events to use in our route planning process. We also customize shuttle programs for dine-arounds, corporate functions, and hotel stays.


Sports Transportation Management–Whether it’s moving a visiting team around a city before a big game, or transporting a general manager to meet with the agent of a talented prospect, Carey has your sports transportation management needs covered.


Carey’s M&E Sports Management Services Division is committed to providing customized transportation management solutions for professional sports teams, athletes, agents, sports marketing firms, and league organizations. Our exacting standards for safety and reliability, coupled with our award-winning Global Franchise Network, assure prompt and precise service delivered exactly where and when you need it.


Carey M&E’s experience speaks for itself, as the “Official Ground Transportation Provider” for The PGA TOUR, Champions TOUR, and The Indianapolis Colts, as well a “Preferred Provider” for other major sporting organizations, and numerous professional franchises, athletes, agents, and production crews. Carey M&E has a specialized sports transportation management team in place.


Major Events- Whether it’s the Summer Olympics, World Cup Soccer, or the G7 Summit, major events require precise transportation. For such major events, Carey M&E mobilizes our staff to create an on-site “mobile control center”, or on-site headquarters, from which we closely control our transportation programs around the event.


What makes Carey M&E uniquely qualified to handle transportation for these events is our scalability. To further guarantee that every transportation need associated with the event is met, Carey can arrange to have additional luxury vehicles, support staff, and professional chauffeurs from other cities close at hand to quickly meet increased demand. No other company possesses the scale, experience, and professionalism of Carey M&E in managing logistics for events of global import.


Custom Shuttle Program- Designed exclusively for extended transportation programs that require prompt and reliable service against a strict schedule, Carey M&E has created our innovative Shuttle Service. Far more than a handful of vans running in circuit, Carey M&E’s Shuttle Service Program is a full service solution that delivers flexibility and options to our customers. We will assemble a dedicated management team and appropriate on-site staff to assure your people are being moved to and from the correct locations in style and on-time.


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