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Private Aviation Ground Transportation

Private Aviation Ground Transportation

Providing a superior ground transportation experience for private aviation requires exacting coordination and expert management.  With more than 100 years of experience, and featuring a dedicated team of Private Aviation specialists, Carey is focused on satisfying the highly specialized requirements of the global private aviation market.

Whether you are a Part 91 or Part 135 operator, corporate flight executive, air charter manager, luxury travel concierge, or simply a traveler with discerning tastes, Carey delivers the ground transportation you can count on.

Award Winning Service Network- Carey’s Global Franchise and Alliance Partner Network provides expert service to more than 1500 private airfields, regional airports, and commuter helipads across more than 1000 cities worldwide.

Flexible Service Schedule- We understand that flight plans and schedules can change on a moment’s notice, that is why we allow our private aviation customers to make changes and updates to their service without penalties or fees.

Real-Time Trip Management– Each private aviation trip is closely monitored by a dedicated Private Aviation Specialist from wheels up until the passenger(s) is dropped off at their destination.

Unmatched Industry Knowledge- Our Private Aviation Specialists are specially trained on the complex logistics and strict rules around entering FBO’s and private airfields, and possess specific knowledge the aviation industry that allows them to communicate effortlessly with schedulers, dispatchers, and crew.

Unsurpassed Experience– Carey’s professional chauffeurs are seasoned operators with extensive knowledge of the areas they serve and will meet you curbside, inside of an FBO, or pick you up directly on the tarmac.

CuttingEdge Technology– Carey tracks private aviation flights using Flight Aware®, the world’s largest flight tracking and data platform, monitors vehicle locations and remains in constant contact with our chauffeurs using our proprietary chauffeur two-way mobile application.  Passengers and arrangers can view their vehicle’s location using the Carey Mobile App or The Carey Connect Travel Management Platform as well.

Unmatched Communication- Carey also features a state-of-the art hands-free communication network that offers an unrivaled two-way communication, emergency paging capability, GPS tracking, and instant messaging in order to provide constant updates and support for all of our reservations.

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