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Road Show Management Services

Road Show Management Services

In ground transportation, road shows are defined as mission-critical transportation programs that consist of complex itineraries with multiple stops and frequent schedule changes and adjustments.

Road show programs require direct, hands-on management to instantly process, communicate, and confirm immediate changes, last minute addition or subtraction of vehicles, and meticulous route planning to meet tight deadlines.

Carey features a dedicated team of Road Show Management professionals, solely focused on the success of your road show program.  We manage hundreds of programs each year from traditional financial road shows for IPOs and fundraising to publicity tours for entertainment, sports, and product launches.

  • Dedicated Program Management:  From the moment you book your road show, a Carey Road Show Coordinator is assigned to manage your event from start to finish.
  • Advance Route-Planning: Even before a road show begins, your road show coordinator helps to map out routes between locations with event planners to ensure all participants have a comprehensive understanding of drive times between locations on an itinerary
  • Quality Assurance Checks:  Prior to the date of service every program detail is confirmed with the local management team, chauffeur(s), and clients, and all contact information is shared throughout.
  • Pre-Trip Chauffeur Information: For all road show programs, Carey assign chauffeurs in advance and send planners and passengers chauffeur contact information at least 24-hours prior to service
  • Active Trip Monitoring: Your dedicated road show coordinator watches the trip in real time, assuring chauffeurs are where they are supposed to be, precisely when they are supposed to be there.
  • Real-Time Coordination: Our road show team makes itinerary changes as they are communicated, and acts as a liaison between passengers, travel arrangers, chauffeurs, and dispatch.
  • Professional Road Show Chauffeurs: All road show reservations are assigned to our most experienced professional chauffeurs

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