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The Carey Standard

The Carey Standard

Carey International’s culture of excellence is built around our uncompromising standards for everything we do.

Carey offers the only truly consistent and uniform brand in the chauffeured transportation services industry not just because we have written a set of standards, but because we developed the largest network of branded operations to measure and enforce them.

It is through this closely monitored network that we’re able to assure operational uniformity and ensure a level of business consistency that our competitors simply cannot.  We can establish reliable and accurate performance metrics and reports for virtually any measurable aspect of our business. Key to our success in this regard is our Global Operations & Standards Manual.

Updated quarterly, this powerful, comprehensive guide covers all Carey standards, from acceptable vehicle types and maintenance scheduling, chauffeur appearance and training, to acceptable branding and décor in local offices.

We measure and enforce these stringent standards with frequent inspections and field audits, as well as customer feedback and trip performance scores.