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2022 President’s Cup Private Shuttle Depot Instructions

2022 President’s Cup Private Shuttle Depot Instructions

We are pleased to announce that Carey will be overseeing ground transportation services for corporate groups. It is our singular goal to provide the safest and most efficient experience for you and your guests.  Please review the guidelines below which explain our procedures for the Private Shuttle Depot to ensure your transportation experience runs smoothly. Additional information for drivers will be sent directly to each provider from Carey.

Carey will manage ALL private vehicle movements within the Private Shuttle Depot located at the Main Entrance of the tournament.

In advance of the tournament, please make sure you have provided your group name, number of guests and designated group lead to your transportation provider. (Your provider must share the information with Carey).

Carey will be distributing shuttle passes directly to each transportation provider once they have contacted Carey.  All vehicles will need a physical hangtag to access Gleneagles Road during the event.

To ensure that your private transportation operates smoothly, all communication with drivers regarding onsite pickups must run through Representatives at the Private Shuttle Depot during the event.

Arrival Information

Once a vehicle has entered the Private Shuttle Depot and corporate guests have been unloaded your vehicle will then proceed to stage offsite at the corporate staging area.

Details on the offsite corporate staging location will be shared directly with your provider.

Upon arrival at the depot a Carey Representative will greet your vehicle and provide a contact number to reach depot staff.

Departure Information

When your guests are planning to depart the course, please notify a Carey Representative within the Private Shuttle Depot who will communicate directly with the driver.  Call or Text 240.255.8570

Private Shuttles are not permitted access for pick up without the request going through Carey.

A Carey Representative will advise the approximate arrival time as well as the numbered stall your vehicle will park at for (The average wait time will be 10-15 minutes, but may be longer depending on demand).

Vehicles will not be permitted to stage within the Private Shuttle We ask that all departing guests are present prior to the vehicle arriving on site to not generate delays.

Upon arrival at the Private Shuttle Depot; vehicles will be directed by depot staff where to pick up passengers.

For questions or to request further information please contact Carey Meetings & Event Services, Daniel Mazza, Program Manager for the 2022 Presidents Cup, at [email protected]