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Welcome to New York, New York

New York City – one of, if not the largest, business and cultural center in the world. Home to the majority of Fortune 500 companies in the United States, the global center of the world’s financial markets; and a leader in art, culture, dining and entertainment. Traveling to New York can be both exciting and overwhelming – and the massive size of the city itself can make getting through the city frustrating.

When you are in such a fantastic city and have a busy schedule, ground transportation is the last thing you want to worry about. You require far more than just a ‘ride’. Your time demands a professional chauffeur who helps you navigate the city, allowing you to decompress from your journey and arrive to your destination relaxed and ready.

Superior Chauffeured Services

With a Full Line of Luxurious Vehicles

Carey of New York features a luxury fleet of recent model year vehicles such as the Mercedes S-Class and Cadillac XTS. Each vehicle in our fleet offer complimentary wi-fi, to make the most of your travel time.


Greater Metro Areas Served

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Services Available

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Sample Rates

Destination Downtown ORD MDW
Destination Name $100 $98 $130
Destination Name $110 $90 $120
Destination Name $120 $88 $110
Destination Name $95 $115 $120

*Published Rates include airport fees, gratuity, fueld and STC. Published Rates do not include parking, taxes, additional tolls, or any requested incidentals.



Airport Transfer Information

Reliable Service to Meet Your Needs

Carey provides airport transfers for flights arriving at metro area airports, both public and private.
We provide chauffeured services from the following ports of call:


  • JFK – John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • LGA – LaGuardia International Airport
  • EWR – Newark Liberty International Airport
  • ISP – Long Island MacArthur Airport (Islip, NY)
  • HPN -Westchester County Airport

Private Aviation

  • TEB – Teterboro Airport (New Jersey – 12 miles from Manhattan)
  • Downtown Manhattan Heliport
  • East 34th Street Heliport
  • West 30th Street Heliport

Common Travel Times and Destinations

The Most Efficient Routes to Get You Where You Need to Be

From JFK

  • Times Square – 30-45 minutes
  • Financial District – 45-65 minutes
  • Exchange Place (Jersey City) – 60-70 minutes
  • Madison Square Garden – 35-50 minutes
  • Barclays Center / Atlantic Terminal – 35-45 minutes

From LGA

  • Times Square – 25-35 minutes
  • Financial District – 25-40 minutes
  • Exchange Place – 40-60 minutes
  • Madison Square Garden – 30-45 minutes
  • Barclays Center / Atlantic Terminal – 35-55 minutes

From Teterboro Executive Airport

  • Financial District – 30 to 50 minutes
  • Times Square – 35 to 50 minutes
  • Madison Square Garden – 20 to 35 minutes


  • Times Square to Financial District – 15 to 30 minutes

Travel times based on rough estimates and may be affected by traffic, weather, or other events beyond the control of Carey International.
Please make certain you give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport.