Its easy to make claims about the quality of service within a single city.  Within the purview of what you directly control, it is easy to set and enforce standards.  The truth is that as the size and reach of a chauffeured services operation grows, the more difficult it is to control the quality of the service they are providing.

Carey’s mechanism for ensuring that our customers receive a consistent, high quality experience is through the Carey Global Franchise Network, and the Carey Alliance Partner Network.  By owning the cities through which 85% of our trips take place, we are in direct business control over the safety, quality, and professionalism of every single trip.By publishing our comprehensive Carey Operations & Standards Manual©, we mandate how every one of our branded locations does business, We monitor audit compliance often in order to best ensure uniform adherence with these standards for operating.  No other chauffeured services provider in our industry has successfully implemented what Carey has on a global scale.

For the 15% of trips that fall into our Alliance Partner Network, we have put into place a strict set of basic requirements for safety and quality that the Alliance Partner is obligated to deliver to Carey clients. 

These standards are enforced for both Carey® branded franchise locations as well as Alliance Partner locations through frequent inspections, mystery shop-style evaluations, and our post-trip customer service survey delivered to Carey passengers after every reservation.