Our primary mission is to make sure your privacy and well-being are protected. It’s why our chauffeurs undergo thorough background investigations and extensive, ongoing certification and safety training, as designated by the Carey Chauffeur Certification Program. We conduct regular on-site audits to ensure compliance with stringent Carey standards.

1. Safe Chauffeurs

  • Comprehensive background checks
  • Random drug and alcohol screening
  • Regular driver evaluation based on customer feedback
  • Defensive driver training must be completed prior to entering Carey service and recertified annually
  • Properly licensed and insured in compliance with all governing laws and requirements

2. Safe Support Personnel

  • Carey maintaines and enforces a drug-free workplace policy  
  • Comprehensive criminal background screening
  • Training in data security and data privacy

3. Safe Vehicles

  • Continual fleet replacement (three years for passenger vehicles, five years for specialty vehicles)
  • Random vehicle inspections
  • Vehicle maintenance and upkeep records audits

4. Safe Service Decisions

  • Informed risk-management protocols
  • Centralized management with local expertise
  • Experienced leader in the chauffeured transportation industry
  • Temporary cessation of service if conditions are deemed too dangerous

5. Safe Partners

  • In-depth Alliance Partner vetting process
  • Closely monitored extended evaluation period
  • Vehicle and personnel audits
  • Service level agreements

6. Comprehensive, Industry Leading Insurance Coverage

  • $20,000,000 liability insurance policy limits
  • Best-in-industry comprehensive insurance program applicable to all reservations booked through Carey

7.  Demonstrated Excellence

  • Carey has maintained a 99.9% safety rating for the last 7 years
  • Management compensation is tied to safety performance