Carey International Relocates Headquarters to Maryland

Washington, DC. — Carey International, Inc., the leading provider of innovative chauffeured service solutions, customer-centric travel technology, and ground transportation logistics management, announced today that it is moving its Global Headquarters from Washington DC to a new facility in Frederick, MD.

The new Carey International Headquarters will be located at 7445 New Technology Way, in Frederick, MD, and will consolidate Carey’s Customer Engagement Center, Executive Offices, Administrative and Account Services Office, and Information Technology and Innovation Lab.  The new facility will also house The Carey International Regional Dispatch Center for the East—a state-of-the art operational hub orchestrating transportation logistics management functions for Carey and Embarque service cities on the East Coast.

While significant investments in proprietary technology such as vehicle tracking, GPS route mapping, and two-way communication have allowed Carey International to move the bulk of its operational functions to the new headquarters, both Carey and Embarque services will continue to maintain fully-staffed offices in the cities they service.  Local operations will focus on training and supporting chauffeurs, service standards, and client outreach.

“This move is a significant step for Carey International and great news for our clients”, said Gary Kessler, President and CEO of Carey International.   “Consolidating our mosaic of support, administrative, and executive functions into one building facilitates improved efficiency and productivity, while at the same time allowing the operations teams in each service area to provide greater focus in supporting the two most important aspects of our business, our valuable clients and the chauffeurs who serve them every day.

Carey International’s new headquarters features 50,000 square feet of modern workspace to accommodate approximately 300 employees, five multi-purpose conference spaces, three productivity lounges, a 150-person capacity dining room and a fitness center.  The property has also been outfitted with the latest in cutting-edge communication and energy infrastructure to serve Carey International’s significant technology systems.

“The new facility offers more physical space as we continue to grow, as well as a custom-designed  environment to accommodate our current technology development initiatives”, remarked Sally Snead, Chief Operating Officer of Carey International, Inc.

Carey International plans to start welcoming employees to the new facility by the end of the third quarter of 2016 and be fully relocated by the end of the year.

About Carey International, Inc.

Carey International is the trusted leader in innovative chauffeured service solutions, customer-centric travel technology, and ground transportation logistics management; providing world-class service, unparalleled safety, and general peace of mind to the world’s most discerning travelers since 1921. Spanning more than 1000 cities worldwide, Carey’s award-winning global franchise network offers consistent standards of service and unmatched business control for both travelers and arrangers across two distinct brands.

Carey® features a world-class fleet of late-model executive and luxury vehicles, a corps of professional chauffeurs, and a full portfolio of specialized transportation logistics management services.

Embarque® offers smart, modern transportation utilizing a fleet of EPA SmartWay™ certified fuel-efficient vehicles and a team of professional drivers dedicated to offering a unique car service experience that raises the bar on efficiency and productivity for any class of traveler.