Carey Leading the Way in Hybrid/Electric Fleet Investments

Carey Leading the Way in Hybrid/Electric Fleet Investments

Stockley Park, UK – Carey International, a leading global provider of luxury ground transportation, has taken a significant step towards embracing the future of electric vehicles with a recent investment aimed at reducing the carbon emissions of its U.K. fleet by 65%. The move involves the initial acquisition of ten BMW 530e Hybrid Electric vehicles, worth £650,000, and a planned investment of an additional £2,000,000 over the next 12 months to also include the purchase of several Mercedes S560e Hybrid Electric vehicles.

The new fleet will surpass all air quality requirements for chauffeur fleets in London and serve as a model for other Carey locations across the EMEA region as they strive towards a more sustainable fleet of vehicles. According to Mitch Lahr, President and CEO of Carey International, “This is part of a much larger evolution in how Carey serves its clients, and we plan on applying some of these lessons learned to our organisation as a whole.”

Carey’s Regional Vice President of International Operations, Greg Mendoza, has played a vital role in the transition, stating that “we feel it’s important to allow our clientele to rest assured in knowing that their transportation isn’t unduly contributing to global CO2 emissions. If we can offer that feeling while providing safe, reliable, and luxurious travel experiences, it’s truly a win for everyone.”

We are so excited to add BMW vehicles to our fleet for the first time. We took a hard look at the market as we prepared to make our first major vehicle investment post-Covid and these vehicles provide the ideal combination of safety, comfort, style and, importantly, significantly lower emissions. I am also working closely with local offices across Europe and Asia as they execute their migration from internal combustion engines so that our valued clientele can travel safe in the knowledge that we have minimised the environmental impact of their journey.” – Greg Mendoza Regional Vice President of Carey’s International Operations

As Carey focuses on reducing its overall carbon output, the company is taking a holistic approach by looking at its facilities, business processes, and fleet management to identify areas for improvement. “We’re taking our responsibility to the planet seriously,” says Lahr, “and figuring out how to make as many incremental improvements as possible while maintaining our commitment to our people and our clients.”


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