Why the Carey app is the perfect business travel tool

The pace of business has accelerated greatly in just a short  time, and as a seasoned traveler, you know that running late for a meeting or missing a flight is simply inexcusable. Your time is incredibly valuable, and unreliable ride-hailing apps or taxi services aren’t up to par with your needs.

Since 1921, Carey has offered world-class, hired car services, and the Carey mobile application has helped bring this reliability into the 21st century. The Carey app, which serves over 1,000 cities, connects you with your chauffeur, makes it easy to manage appointments and above all else, gives you the control necessary to ensure a business trip is as successful as possible. Available for both Apple and Android devices, download the Carey app and never worry about business travel again.

Understanding the rise of the smartphone

The Pew Research Center found that in the spring of 2011, just 35 percent of American adults had a smartphone. By 2015, that proportion had jumped to 64 percent. You may use your smartphone to browse the news, hop on a conference call or stay current with your inbox. And whether you are traveling to a new city or simply meeting a client across town, your smartphone is an increasingly essential tool for getting to your destination on time.

A sophisticated app

Even the most well-planned itinerary can be up-ended by unforeseen circumstances, but by using the Carey app, you can be better insulated from travel nightmares. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that in 2016, approximately 17 percent of all domestic flights were delayed by 15 minutes or more. To make matters worse, well over 50,000 flights were canceled completely. And without the right travel app, you could find yourself stranded.

“In 2016 approximately 17.44 percent of all domestic flights were delayed.”

The Carey app is ideal for mitigating the downsides of dealing with a delayed flight or any other problem that might come during a business trip. The easy-to-use interface is comprehensive and you can track your driver’s arrival with real-time GPS. You are given a brief profile on your chauffeur and can coordinate about a changed pick-up time or location. By pairing with the Carey Connect Travel Management Platform, information can be shared with an assistant or co-worker. This way someone can reschedule a ride for you while you are midair or use your location services to update a schedule.

Carey’s team of professional chauffeurs offers unbeatable care and service. This way, you will not have to worry about finding your driver or that the car that arrives is different than the one you booked. Use the Carey App to select a ride when you want it and enjoy the peace of mind that your travel needs will be met without delay or worry.

Personalized profiles

Not only is the Carey app a powerful way to coordinate your business travel without hassle, but it also automatically records your personalized profile. This is helpful for storing preferred pick-up locations and making the entire process even more straightforward.

Use the Carey app to update travel needs in real-time.

If you have someone arrange your travel plans for you, the personalized profile feature becomes even more powerful. The app coordinates with the Carey Connect Travel Management Platform, and from there, an assistant or arranger can coordinate dozens of bookings for multiple travelers with ease. Trip information such as arrival time, driver credentials and billing are pinned to an individual profile in an accessible and helpful way. Reporting and tracking is carefree and simple, and the platform works with the app to create a seamless user experience. An arranger can make changes to your plans during your meeting, and your app will automatically update with the latest pick-up times and arrival estimates. Whether on the go or with the help of a co-worker, the Carey Connect Travel Management Platform and Carey app are the most reliable and professional tools for your business needs.

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