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Carey Mobile App

<span>Carey Mobile App</span>

Managing Passenger Access Levels on Carey Connect

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Carey International takes security and privacy seriously.  For this reason, we have designed a proprietary set of controls around Carey Connect user (arranger or agent) profiles and the traveler or passenger profiles in our system. Immediately upon registering on Carey Connect, arrangers, agents and travel management professionals have the option to add passengers in one of two ways: Navigating to the Passenger Management section and selecting the [+ Add Passenger] option. Immediately begin booking a new reservation and select + Add New Passenger.   When passengers are added through one of these two options, Carey’s system will

Carey Connect and the Carey App: A match made in heaven

Carey International understands the challenges faced by travel management professionals.  Balancing control, transparency and ease of use has always been our top priority.  Carey takes that vision a step further than the competition by providing a fully integrated suite of tools designed to meet the needs of travel professionals and travelers alike….All reservations booked on Carey Connect are visible in real-time on the Carey Mobile App.  If your traveler has a last minute change to his or her itinerary, you can see changes made to the reservation and even receive notifications of those changes on Carey Connect.  Even passenger